Some things to keep in mind for a healthy raw diet

Taking the leap from a concentrated diet to raw can be scary, mainly because there are so many factors to consider. Like everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages. We get it, we understand, and we have some solutions to your worries. Let’s get through them so that you can chill more!

  1. Impacted bones & fractured teeth:
  • Sometimes fragments of bones can get stuck in the throat or collect in the intestine causing you doggie to become constipated. Hard surfaces and sensitive teeth sometimes do not mix. Nobody wants a dental dog bill. No one!
  • SOLUTION: Always feed bone and meat together. Preferably with the bone on the inside and muscle on the outside. It’s like a doggie version of a pig’s in a blanket, which helps it slide down without injury. Always make sure that the size of the bone is equivalent to your dog’s size and that there is plenty of water for drinking.


  1. Bacterial infection:
    • Let’s get real, you are handling raw produce in a raw diet. The only difference is that dogs can cope with digestive pathogens quite well, but us humans, nope!
    • SOLUTION:  Use cutting boards designated for meats/chicken/fish/vegetables only. Store meats properly in the fridge. Wash hands and utensils thoroughly after handling the meats/raw foods. Constantly clean children and dog with a Chlorhexidine antiseptic wipe safe for both humans and pets.

    Our dear dog parents, we hope that the ladder information has helped you to make your decision a bit more relaxing. If you are still a kibble parent, we only hope that we have shared with you useful information. As a family of dog lovers we invite you to do more research. No one goes vegetarian or vegan instantly. It is always a process. Read read read and if it is the right move for you and your furry family, then go for it! Let’s channel your dog’s inner diva. Peace!

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