What does a raw diet consist of?

A raw dog diet must always have:

  • Calcium: 12% - 15% bone
    • Ex: chicken wings, necks, legs, or thighs
  • Multi-Vitamins: 10% - 30%
    • Organs are the nutrient-rich parts of the animal which provide most of the vitamins for your dog to be healthy
    • Ex: liver, kidney, spleen, testicles
  • Foundation:
    • Once you have chosen your meaty bones and organs, the rest of the diet should consist of lean meats
    • Ex: ground beef, turkey, lamb, and bison
  • Keep Diet low in fats: no more than 10%
    • Meats low in fat: chicken necks with no skin, pork loin, rabbit, chicken or turkey light meat with no skin
  • Spruce the diet up with fruits and vegetables: juice them, puree them, or steam them first
    • Benefits: add prebiotics (fiber), chlorophyll (detoxifier), Carotenoids (antioxidants)
  • Keep it starch-free:
    • Starchy food creates a hormone called insulin which causes your dog to store a lot of its food as fat. In addition, eating too much starch can disrupt the microbes that live in the digestive tract which help your baby’s immune system and vitamins.
  • Feed Fish once a week: 5% of the whole diet
    • Ex: sardines, smelts, herring, mackerel
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