7 Essential Dog Products You Didn't Think to Buy

When you think of dog products, you likely think of items like leashes, collars, food bowls—the basic stuff. But as a pet owner, you need more than just the basics. You need products that will not only make your job easier but also products that ensure the happiness and comfort of your pet. Before you check off your shopping list, dust off your hands, and call it a day, double check that you purchased the following essential dog products.

Pill Pockets

Like children, dogs are susceptible to sickness. And like children, they aren’t fond of eating nasty pills. Rather than forcing medicine down your dog’s throat, save yourself and your pup the traumatic experience by purchasing pill pockets. These nifty little treats contain a hollow center in which you can insert your dog’s medicine. Your dog will scarf down the treat, along with the pill you snuck in—easy!

Water Bottle for Dogs

After a long session of chasing squirrels, performing tricks for treats, and playing tag with other dogs, your pet will need a good gulp of water. Rather than lugging a water bottle and a bowl with you, purchase a water bottle for dogs, which is a hybrid of both products. A dog water bottle is a container that is attached to a small, hollow bowl from where dogs and easily drink. It’s portable, safe, and easy to use.

Dog Treats

When you envision your life as a dog owner, you likely don’t envision your puppy wreaking havoc in your home, tearing up furniture, soiling your carpets, and running out of the house as soon as the front door opens.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to train your dog so it behaves well at home, in public, and around strangers. A highly recommended training method is positive reinforcement, in which you reward your dog whenever it obeys commands or displays good behavior. Dog treats are a great way to give positive reinforcement. When your dog is being a good boy, give him a treat!

Denta Stix

Dogs that are affectionate love to give kisses. They will kiss your hand, your face, and sometimes–much to the delight of some and the revulsion of others—your mouth. But who wants to kiss the mouth of a dog with a bad case of halitosis?

Denta Stix is a product clinically proven to reduce your dog’s plaque and tartar buildup. With those two nasty things gone, so will your dog’s bad breath. Denta Stix are an especially suitable alternative to toothbrush and toothpaste. Not all dogs are keen on getting their teeth brushed.  

Nail Clippers

Much like humans, dogs need to have trimmed nails. Untrimmed nails can cut skin, rip furniture, and even cause pain and injury to your dog. If you want to skip the trip to the groomer, saving yourself a few extra bucks, try trimming your dog’s nails. All you need is a sharp pair of nail clippers, and you’re good to go.

Stain and Odor Remover

It’s inevitable—if you bring home a dog that isn’t yet potty trained, your dog will soil your carpet. The smell of waste and urine can linger and permeate your entire your home. To avoid unpleasant smells assaulting your home, purchase a stain and odor remover. Having this product handy will keep your carpets clean and your home smelling fresh.

Waste-Bag Dispenser Clip

There’s nothing more mortifying than forgetting waste bags during your walk with your dog. As soon as your dog deposits its smelly present, you’re in trouble: certainly you can’t pick it up with your bare hands and certainly you can’t leave it there on the sidewalk for a poor, unsuspecting victim to step on.

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