Friday is closer than you may think!

While our peers like to spend their Friday evenings hitting the clubs to bump to some sick beats, some of us prefer to stay at home cuddled on the couch inside a warm sherpa, our beloved pet resting his furry chin on our lap. If you’re looking for a good Netflix movie that you and your furry buddy will enjoy, look no further. We compiled recommendations just for you.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Jinkies! Scooby-Doo is a name that has existed since the late 60s and has gripped American culture ever since. We know of the show, our parents know of the show, and our children (or future children) know of the show.

Netflix has, in its movie treasure trove, a 2004 live action film version of the show, with a cast that includes Rom Com hunk Freddie Prinze Jr. and former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar. This movie is wacky, silly, and all around a fun time.

101 Dalmatians

Speaking of well-known names, the 101 Dalmatians is one movie title that most everyone knows. The original animated film was released in 1961 by Disney, telling the story of two dalmatians and the 101 puppies they took under their wing. And, of course, the main conflict of the story: a wicked woman, Cruella DeVille, who wants to use the puppies’ fur for coat. Yikes!

The movie Netflix has, however, is the live action version, also by Disney.


When Coco debuted on theaters, people couldn’t stop talking about the bawling that ensued while they watched it. What is it about Coco that brings viewers to tears? Even the toughest, unshakable rock of a human being was touched by the film.

Coco follows the story of a young boy and his spirit animal guide as they venture (albeit accidentally) into the afterlife, a place where it is perpetually the Day of the Dead. The movie has vibrant animation and unforgettable songs. And, of course, the ending may make you cry.


If your furry friend is a dog, then he may enjoy a movie with a dog protagonist like him. Fortunately, Netflix has plenty of live action films with that exact protagonist. Benji is just one of those action films. It follows the story of two school children and a dog, Benji, with whom they strike up a friendship. But when the two kids are kidnapped, Benji and his sidekick must save the day.

Planet Earth II

If you’re a lover of all animals—zebras, monkeys, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!—and not just of common household pets, you’ll love Planet Earth II where you can watch beautiful wild animals behave in their natural habitat. It’s fascinating and educational.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

What’s better than wealthy chihuahuas living in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills? Talking chihuahuas living in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills. You can find that and lots of adventure in the 2008 movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which has a notable cast, such as Drew Barrymore and George Lopez.

TGIF!  With this list in hand, you’re ready to spend your Friday night at home with your pet, wine in hand and popcorn in the other.

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