6 High Tech Products That Will Make Your Life (And Your Pet's) Easier

6 High Tech Products That Will Make Your Life (And Your Pet's) Easier

Having a pet is like having a child. As a pet parent, you need to feed her, bathe her, take her for walks, give her attention, and take her to the vet. But with a full-time job and a social life to maintain, taking care of a pet can be time-consuming and tiring. Fortunately, it’s 2019, a time when the fast evolution of technology makes your life easier. Here are X gadgets that you, a busy pet owner, will love.

Furbo Dog Camera

When you’re away from home and you worry about your pet, you sometimes have the urge to hop on your car, drive back home, and check on your furry friend. With the Furbo Dog Camera, you can check on your pet without going back home. This device, fashioned with a camera, allows you to watch your pet from your smartphone. It also lets you speak to your pet, toss treats, and take photos or videos.

The Whistle 3

Nothing makes your heart plummet more than the thought of losing your beloved pet. All it takes is one careless moment of leaving your door ajar for your little buddy to dart out the door and get lost in a world full of strangers and loud noises. If that does happen—god forbid— the Whistle 3 will help you locate and take your pet back home. This device, fashioned with a GPS tracker and activity monitor, attaches to your pet’s collar so you can locate her with your phone.

Arf Pets Automatic Feeder

Obesity isn’t a problem unique to humans. Pets can also become overweight or obese, if not given the right diet or if overfed. But while at work, it’s difficult to control your pet’s portions, especially if you leave food out that will last her the entire day. Arf Pet’s feeding bowl allows you to control your food portions by releasing meals at a scheduled time.

iFetch Ball Launcher

When you work 40 hours a week, you may worry that your pet spends the weekdays at home, alone and bored. You’re not there to play with her, and it breaks your heart. The iFetch ball launcher is a device that automatically launches a ball for you. Designed for small- and medium-sized dogs, iFetch keeps your pet healthy and stimulated even while you’re away.

Automatic Patio Pet Door

Often, your pet may want to go in and out of the house to run around the backyard. But often, you don’t want to get up for the 50th time to let your dog out. You consider installing a patio door, but is that really the best option? What if unwanted critters enter your home, like racoons, squirrels, or possums? The Automatic Patio Pet Door is a motorized flap that opens automatically when it detects the sensor installed in your pet’s collar. It keeps the unwanted visitors out, but lets your pet in without your assistance.

Pet Zone Automatic Litter Box

It’s great that cats instinctively use the bathroom on their litter boxes, but what isn’t great is the odor it possesses when it has gone untended for too long. No one wants a smelly house. The Pet Zone Automatic Litter Box scoops up your cat’s smelly present and deposits it in a waste compartment that neutralizes odor. No smell, no problem!

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but your life—and your pet’s life—will be much better with a few smart gadgets. It’s 2019. Time for an upgrade!

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