Not all Toys are Safe

Not All Toys Are Safe: How to Pick the Best Toys for Your Dog

It’s important to provide your dog with toys. In fact, this is as important as the other necessities that you provide to your quadruped friend, necessities such as leashes, collars, brushes, and soil pads. Dogs need toys to fight boredom and to keep themselves entertained. They need it to while away the hours while you’re away at work or lying one the couch, watching your favorite bingeable Netflix show. They need it to stimulate their brains.

But don’t be so hasty. Before you head to the pet store to purchase a toy for your dog, remember that not all toys are safe for your pet. Yes, you can’t purchase just any toy that catches your eye—you must purchase a toy that is the right kind for your pet. Most important, you need to buy a toy that is safe.

Toys Unsafe for Dogs

There are several toys that are unsafe for dogs. One of them are toys that could be easily swallowed. Children’s toys, strings, ribbons, rubber bands, pantyhose, and other small items are dangerous to your dog because your dog may accidentally swallow it. Of course, those items aren’t real toys, but their presence in your home may cause your dog to play with them by chewing on them. Make sure your home is free of these items.

One real toy with an item your dog may swallow are rubber squeaky toys. As your dog chews and chews on the toy, it may tear open, revealing the small mechanism inside that causes the toy to squeak. Once opened, your dog may accidentally swallow the device. There are many types of dog toys available, and it’s best that you avoid purchasing a squeaky toy for this reason. In fact, avoid any toys with little features, like nutshells, bells, or beads, that could easily be swallowed. Also, avoid toys that could easily be destroyed. Instead, opt for the ones that are are soft but indestructible.

Other than toys that your dog can swallow, you must also be wary of toys that could pose as a choking hazard, for example, rawhide chew toys.  If you do decide to buy rawhide toys, it’s best that you let your dog play with them under your supervision. If you want an expert opinion, you can always ask your veterinarian about it.

Toys Safe for Dogs

There are several types of toys that are safe for dogs: active toys, distraction toys, and comfort toys.

Active Toys

There are active toys, which help your dog move around and be active, giving them both a mental and physical exercise. These active toys can be in the form of hard rubber toys, such as Nylabone and Kong-type products, which are best for chewing. There are also tug-of-war toys, such as ropes and woven toys, which you can use to play a good game of tug-of-war with your pet. Another type of active toy are tennis balls, which you can use to play fetch. Make sure to throw away tennis balls that have already been chewed through to avoid any falling pieces that your dog may swallow or choke on.

Distraction Toys

The second type of toys for dogs are distraction toys, which can keep your doggo busy for hours. These are Kong-type toys filled with treats that your puppy tries to release. Busy-box and feeder toys are toys that fall under this category. Like the Kong-type toys, you can hide treats within them, which are cube-shaped. Your dog will move the cube around with its nose, mouth, or paws to get the treat.

Comfort Toys

Finally, the third type of toys for dogs are comfort toys. These are usually stuffed toys that your dog can carry around, pick up, shake, or bite. Make sure that the comfort toy you choose is washable as that toy will get drooled on, and even accumulate dust and dirt from wherever your dog takes it.

Not all toys are safe for your dog. Make sure to choose the right one: the right size, the right quality, the right material to ensure that your dog can play happily and safely.

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