9 Famous Animals on Instagram You Should Follow

9 Famous Animals on Instagram You Should Follow

On Instagram, anyone can be famous. A regular person like you can post a single image that can draw the attention, hearts, and follows of many. Even an egg can go viral. But beyond the popularity of influencers, fashionistas, and celebrities on the platform, animals, too, have their moments to shine. These 16 animals are famous on Instagram, and if you love pets like we do, we recommend you check them out.

Just Mango Brown (@justmangobrown)

Mango Brown is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet.  Affectionate and loving he charms viewers with his soft, gentle meows and his shows of love to his owner. Mango brown has 502 thousand followers and, at the time of this writing, 1,009 posts, containing videos of himself meowing, giving love, and lounging.

Nala Cat (@nala_cat)

At eight years old, Nala is a huge Instagram star, boasting 3.9 million followers. She has her own Facebook show, app, and sponsorships—it’s no wonder she’s so popular and successful. Nala is one of the cutest cat you’ll ever see, with her wide, light blue eyes, pink nose, and star personality. Follow Nala, and you won’t be disappointed.

Walter Geoffrey (@waltergeoffreythefrenchie)

If you like naughty and sassy dogs, then you’ll love Walter. Don’t be deceived by his innocent looks. Walter loves to “talk” and boss his owner around. Despite his strong personality, Walter is a sweetheart to his girl, Maddy.

Maddy Sharpei (@maddy_sharpei)

Maddy is ,according to her bio, a “Shar Pei with a bae.” Unlike her bae, Walter, Maddy is sweet, quiet, and well-behaved. Although, when Walter gets on of his infectious sassy moods, Maddy can’t help but join in.

Juniper Foxx (@juniperfoxx)

If you like exotic pets, then you’ll be interested in Juniper, the fox. Juniper is a self-proclaimed “happiest fox” on Instagram—and Juniper undoubtedly lives up to her name. Her Instagram is filled with videos and images of her smiling, happy face and bright eyes.

Mr. Pokee (@mr.pokee)

This is another one for the fans of exotic pets. Mr. Pokee is an apt name for a hedgehog. This cute little creature is small enough to fit anywhere: in a waffle come, on your hand, and in your pocket. Mr. Pokee has a happy and bubbly personality that will melt your heart.

Benny (@park_kkone)

Benny is an adorable orange tabby with short, little legs. He is a sweetheart, often seen cuddling with this owner, lounging peacefully on soft pillows, and playing with his cat siblings. Benny is such a delight, you can’t help but squeal.

Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat)

Grumpy Cat is not only a famous Instagram pet with millions of followers, but he is also a well-known and viral meme. If cuteness and happiness don’t interest you, then you’ll be delighted by Grumpy Cat’s perpetual disdain. Scroll through his feed, and you’ll find images upon images of his signature scowl.

Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Doug is so popular that even celebrities vie for his attention. He’s been spotted with stars like Nick Cannon, Brendon Urie, Jesse McCartney, and Cole Sprouse. Follow Doug on Instagram, and you’ll be treated to adorable photos of him wearing funny costumes and hanging out with the celebs.

Instagram is a platform where anyone can be a star, even our little furry friends.

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