pop your pup team photo 2018
Pop Your Pup Team photo - 2018

We are Pop Your Pup!

We are a group of passionate, creative professionals, who share a strong love for art and animals. We believe that art is the perfect way to highlight and amplify the beauty in this world, and there is nothing more beautiful than the unconditional bond between a pet and their owner.

We are in essence- an interactive, online retail company creating the highest quality goods personalized with art of your pet. Since the conception of the Pop Your Pup brand in 2013 we have had one main goal; create fun, amazing products through a unique unmatched experience that our customers would interact and engage in the creation to make the bond between the final product and the owner one that is truly special.

The Pop Your Pup Journey!
pop your pup timeline image top
pop your pup timeline 2013 first interactive pet art company
We create the first interactive and revolutionary way to turn your pet into a piece of art.
We create the first interactive way to turn Pop Your Pet!
2014 pop your pup timeline image introducing our order center
Realizing our concept and idea is a hit, we develop our unique proprietary software that allows customers to edit, review, and approve their artwork.
We develop our unique proprietary software to handle the demand!
2015 pop your pup timeline our team grows to 10 members
In less than 2 short years our internal team of artists, printers, and customer service reps grows to 10 STRONG!
Less than 2 years our team grows to 10 members!
pop your pup 2016 time line image we make our 50,000 customers
With almost no advertisement money spent, Pop Your Pup acquires it's 50,000th customer!
Completely by word of mouth we acquire 50,000 customers
2017 pop your pup timeline image we introduce canvas art
By popular demand, we introduce our canvas wall art option. Our most popular product to date!
By popular demand! And still our most popular product!
2018 pop your pup timeline image we reach 150,000 customers
In less than 4 years from our first sale, we reach 150,000 customers from over 90 different countries!
150,000 happy customers served!
2019 pop your pup timeline image introducing 3 new art styles, renaissance style, super wild portraits, and pop patterns
We introduce 3 new, wildly popular art styles that are an absolute hit!
3 new insanely popular art styles introduced!
2020 pop your pup timeline image introducing the paw squad
We are very proud to introduce Paw Squad! Our giving back program that rewards members for joining us to help save animals in need!
We are very proud to introduce Paw Squad! Our giving back program!
To be continued....
pop your pup headquarters office shot from 2019
Pop Your Pup Headquarters - 2019

Since 2013

We have been changing the industry of custom pet art and personalized products, and we're very proud of that. For the last 7 years we can say with confidence that we have not only been the leaders of customized products in our niche, we have been the innovators as well. We are happy that we have become the benchmark of experience and quality, and look forward to continuing to hold that self proclaimed title of the best available option. At Pop Your Pup! we are focused on consistency while maintaining steady developmental growth of our tools, methods, softwares, and personnel to continue to deliver an unmatched experience.

pop your pup printing warehouse shot from 2017
Pop Your Pup Printing facility - 2017

pop your pup team photo from 2016
Pop Your Pup Team photo - 2016

Real Art by Real Artists

One of the main reasons we are able to separate ourselves from such a now saturated market is our decision to keep all staff at Pop Your Pup full time employees. When we revolutionized custom pet art online in 2013 we never would have thought it would have become such an attractive idea to online "entrepreneurs" looking to make a quick buck. And unfortunately, they have turned the awesome concept we have spent so much time perfecting into a mediocre product you can easily disguise using temp artists with little to no training of the specific style. Our real artists go through a minimum 90 day training period, and don't touch any customer orders until a minimum 45 days. And all members go through continuous training as long as they are employed by Pop Your Pup!™

Our Mission

There is not many other things that is stronger or more special than the bond between us and our pets. It's truly something that is hard to put into words. Our vision has always been to give pet lovers the ability express that bond in a way that is fun, playful, and more importantly relatable to all pet owners.

Since inception in 2013, our idea has been simple "Celebrate your pet at all times, anywhere and everywhere."

the golden doodle crew on red car holding pop your pup canvases
Pop Your Pup's photo of the year - 2018
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