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Welcome to Pop Your Pup!™ We are based out of sunny south Florida! We are a group of passionate, creative artists who all share a strong love for art and animals. We believe that art is the perfect way to highlight and amplify the beauty in this world, and there is nothing more beautiful than the unconditional bond between a pet and their owner. We are, in essence, an interactive-artistic brand, with a fresh concept on apparel. We create custom, stylish graphic tees of pets in pop art. Our art is bold, and exploding with emotion and color. We pride ourselves in our ability to magnify the personality and attitude of your pets through our style of art. Customer experience is everything to us. Falling in love with your shirt is only part of our overall goal; Enjoying your experience at Pop Your Pup!™ is just as important to us. We have worked really hard on creating a unique, fun experience for customers to chat with us, view their proofs, and make any requests directly to our designers through our Customer Center! Giving back is something we are very passionate about as well. A portion of every shirt sold is donated to local humane societies and non-for profit organizations that help animals less fortunate. Contributing to help these animals has been something we are extremely proud of as a company. We would love for our visitors to check out our annual donations in our social media section of our website!

Marco Ventura Marco Ventura

Marco Ventura


Visual art and creativity always came natural to me. Mom used to tell me I would be such a great artist if I tried. She would put me in Summer art courses that would take up my entire Summer, I hated it. In 2007 I became sick with Ulcerative Colitis, I lost my large intestine to the disease in 2013. I had quite a bit of recovery time which I used studying social media and the power of the internet. I also became proactive in art, using photoshop and illustrator. I didn’t care about being involved in art until I found a love for digital editing and illustration. Now it’s my life. Those summer courses really helped. Thanks mom.

Anthony Mastrangelo Anthony Mastrangelo

Anthony Mastrangelo


Art has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up as a musician, I always found it easiest to express myself through music. Around eighteen years old, I fell in love with digital painting. I saw it as another channel to express my ideas. Running this business with my twin brother and our childhood best friend has been a dream come true for me. I feel extremely blessed to do something I love every day with people I love.

Carmelo Mastrangelo Carmelo Mastrangelo

Carmelo Mastrangelo


Having little artistic ability, I’ve always been more of an admirer of art in all of its forms. Graduating from Suffolk University in Boston with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Finance while minoring in Accounting doesn’t exactly scream artistic. However, I consider being successful in business one of the most fascinating forms of art. The ability to manage people, a product or an idea, and connect with customers in a fun and exciting way has grown to be my passion. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to look as some pretty cool looking art pieces from time to time!