Thanks so much for being a part of the PetDesk family. To celebrate your time here, we want to give you a gift card to Pop Your Pup for an 8 x 10 canvas to celebrate your milestone here at PetDesk.

Thank you for being a part of the PetDesk family and we look forward to continuing our journey together.

Please note - the gift card is only for an 8x10 canvas in any art style

Custom Pet Portraits

What better way to celebrate our time together than by celebrating our pets! With a custom portrait of your pet on a premium wrapped canvas.

Most pet owners consider their pet part of the family, and so it is only right that you get some wall art of your dog or cat for us all to awe over. After all, we have family photographs on the walls, so why shouldn't our pets get in on the action?

4 Different ways to celebrate!

4 different ways to celebrate

Celebrate your pet with 1 of over 100 different costumes of iconic figures throughout history.

Celebrate your pet in a simplistic and modern way. Inspired by the worlds chicest destinations

Celebrate your pet with some POP! Over 200 different pop art influencer background options!

Celebrate your pet with some super imposed retro art. Timeless and fun.

Our 1 year together

Two million app users

We are proud to reach such an exciting milestone here at PetDesk you by our side – TWO MILLION APP USERS! At this big milestone, we’re especially thankful for our PetDesk customers, our app users, and of course, all of the team members.

As we get closer to our mission of improving and extending the lives of pets, we’re overjoyed at the trust millions of pet parents, and thousands of veterinary clinics, put into PetDesk, every day.


So here’s to the next two million, and thanks for joining us on this ride!


Product Upgrades

COVID-19 transformed veterinary operations everywhere. Keeping clients up-to-date with what to expect has become critical to the client experience. So we leveled up our mass platform features to help us wow our clients.

COVID-19 may have been life changing, but we think, with the help of everyone here at PetDesk, we handled it like a boss. And together if we can do that, we can do anything.


Please note - the gift card is only for an 8x10 canvas in any art style

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