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Congratulations and Thank you!

To give you the best possible experience as a Pawfluencer affiliate and member of our program, we have put together a quick little guide to answer any questions you make have along with some tips and guidelines.

Please read the following tips below before getting started.

Using your store credit

Your store credit

Using your store credit is easy! Simply just go shopping, and at checkout enter your store credit code in the "Discount Code or Gift Cards" section. Please note that even if your store credit covered the full balance and the cart balance is zero, you will still have to enter your credit card. Your Credit card will not be charged. 

Your tracking deliverables

Your tracking deliverables

Along with your Store Credit code, you should have also received a unique link along with a unique discount code. These can be used immediately and we encourage you to do so!


DISCLAIMER: WE PROHIBIT THE USE YOUR OWN LINK OR PROMO CODE TO MAKE PURCHASES FOR YOURSELF. If you would like to make additional purchases for yourself and would like a discount code, please contact us and we will provide you with one not attached to any affiliate tracking.

ATTENTION! Please read.

ATTENTION! Please Read.

There are many perks that come with being a pawfluencer member. Here are a list of purchase add ons that are automatically included in your purchase.

  • Multiple pets - Don't purchase our multiple pets add on. Just leave it in the order notes that you have multiple pets and we will take care of it.

  • Expedite Artwork - Your order will automatically be added to our expedited artwork queue

  • Post Purchase offers - After your order is placed you will go through our post purchase product options. This includes options like insuring your order and contributing to our impact initiative. Please note that any additional purchases you make here will be charged to your card, even if there is still a balance left on your store credit. All partner orders are already insured and expedited.

  • Artwork - You will be assigned a member from our highest qualified art team, they should have your art ready for you to review in 2-3 business days. All artwork requires your reviewal and approval. We want you to love it! You will have the chance to make edits, change backgrounds, and chat 1-on-1 with your artist and support specialist in your order profile.

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What to Expect

After you place your order, an email will be sent with your order profile details which will include your order number plus a direct link to sign in. If you did not upload a photo before you checked out, you will also be asked to do so via email.

That's it! All you have to do now is sit back and relax while your dedicated artist gets to work on your epic piece of art! Once your artwork is completed an email will be sent to you to choose your background, make any fix requests, and approve your artwork.

With your stamp of approval, we will send it to be printed and shipped. A tracking number will be emailed to you once it has left our facilities.




product recommendations

Below, we have included quick start product recommendations based on 2 factors - Your store credit will cover the entire balance and the product is a popular option amongst our customers.

You can absolutely browse the entire store and choose whatever you prefer, these are just recommendations.

If you are finished familiarizing yourself with our program details and are ready to get started, just pick a product below!

Under $50


Framed Prints

Wine Coolers

Womens Tee

Mens Tee



Tote Bags




Face Buffs

Under $100





Pet Bowls

Framed Prints

Tree Skirt

Duffel Bags

Phone Cases

Over $100

Framed Canvas

Gallery Framed art

Metal Prints

Large Canvas

Acrylic Wall Art

Yoga Mat

Men's Pajamas

Womens Pajamas

Large Blanket

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Here is some bonus material for you to maximize your potential and take full advantage of the Pawfluencer program.

Whether you're a veteran affiliate marketer or a social enthusiast looking to diversify your income, familiarizing yourself with the newest and industry leading best practices will assist you in gaining the most out of your efforts.

If there are any additional resources or tools that we do not offer that you think would better help in propelling you forward as a Pawfluencer affiliate, please let us know!


DON'T wait.

While you're waiting for your order to arrive, (about 14 days) check out our content library available to all Pawfluencer members. We have styled and composed a library of dozens of high quality images, graphics, and videos in many different sizes for all of our partners to have to use for any and all promotional reasons.


Here are some ways to use our content library.

  • Announce our new partnership! - This is the easiest way to kick off a promotional campaign! We have plenty of content meant for the announcement of new partnerships.

  • Give a gift buying suggestion - Nothing is better than the feeling you get when you deliver on an epic gift. Whether it be a personal birthday gift or an upcoming holiday gift recommendation, your audience will thank you for the idea and be happy that you're getting paid for it!

  • Share your top 3 wishlist products - Chances are there is something that you didn't add to your cart that you're saving for next time. Share them and your reasons for loving them! Your audience will likely agree with you!

  • Share your shopping experience - Share your recent shopping experience. Was it easy, exciting, fun?! Share your experience with your audience, see if they feel the same!


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For almost 10 years now we have prioritized influencer & affiliate marketing specifically in the pet niche. We have connected with the world's best affiliate and influencer marketers, and innovated & tested countless new ideas in the influencer marketing space.


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Read our blog

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